100 percent accurate through automatic calibration

Accuracy is involved whenever one considers welding. Down to the thousandth millimetre for each and every welding job. Our production process is thus meant for continuity that we permanently monitor. The welding robots are maintained accurate and up-to-date.

100 percent accurate

It sounds truly special, which it is too, of course. The welding robots remain 100% focussed on the correct position through automatic calibration. Every product is given equal attention: As a user, you can thus reckon with continuity and climbing equipment which can be relied upon.

Accurate at each welding position

Accurate at each welding position

Confidence on continuity is essential within the welding process. Every welding job must thus be carried out correctly. According to plan and the welding programme designed for it. Moreover, every product type is produced in its own mould. This means welding positions that are repeated over and over again. The welding robot must be recalibrated with fixed frequency in order to reach these points accurate to the hundredth of a millimetre. Back to zero, and repeat.

Recalibrate and repeat

This recalibration occurs through automatic calibration. In fact, the robot ensures its own daily maintenance. The robot arm returns to its home base with a given frequency set by our programmer. It calibrates its six axes there. From that moment onwards, the welding programme and exact welding positions are completely set on it.

The robot only needs to be calibrated once to know the mould up to the millimetre. From that moment onwards, it is ready to produce a big series of products according to the same welding programme. Maximum precision is thus guaranteed. For each and every welding job.

Robots remain accurate this way. Continuously, at every time. Production can continue without manual intervention and interim calibration. This also delivers time savings. Innovation with a huge effect.