75 meter innovation, precision and strong bonds

Altrex builds for the future. Which is why we have opted for tomorrow’s technology. It has now also become a part of our production line. We are making an innovative and technical leap with an entirely new welding line. The first step has already been taken, since phase one of construction has started.

75 meter innovation

New technologies and innovations enable us to make our products increasingly smarter in order to work still more safely and to address every question. Precisely where this is specific and other than standard. Our new welding line has all of it in-house.

5 robots, 3 times 25 metres and countless options

We have been choosing for quality and safety so that you can maintain your trust in the best products: You get even more safety with the high-tech solution that we are currently integrating into our production. When the entire welding line is complete, five robots make their way over a total of 75 metres of innovation and technology. Controlled by a central programme and by themselves, because our new robots are very smart.

The best in CMT Advanced

The best in CMT Advanced

For us, the new welding line is the most logical successor to our current technology. We again opt for the durable quality that Fronius has already introduced in previous years with its high-tech equipment and CMT welding method. Thus, it is based on experience. In addition, there are the many options which will have a big impact on our production and work methods.

Flexibility, flow and continuity.

Flexibility gets a new meaning this way. The robots move over the entire length of the line. They can work together on the same product and have more freedom of movement than ever before owing to their smart design. Specific wishes thus get their way and every welding job becomes even more precise, simple.

Moreover, they never stand still. They continue working even when a jig is changed. Every step in the production process is more streamlined and the logistics is optimal. From semi-finished to finished product, storage to delivery. We raise flow and continuity to the highest level.

Look behind the screens

The construction of our welding line is in full flow. Phase one is proceeding entirely as per schedule. The first robots are also already in motion. We will gladly take you along during the further progress of what is for us our biggest project. We tell you more about our innovative techniques, people who contemplate them and our products which make us so typically Altrex, through our blogs

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