Altrex & CSR

A conscious choice

CSR and our choices, our core values

Corporate social responsibility goes hand in hand with our core values. We make conscious, responsible and innovative choices in nearly all our processes. That’s what the future demands of us and that’s what the users of our products can expect from us.

Innovating is part of our DNA. For more than 70 years, the choices we make each day at Altrex are better, smarter and safer. Sustainable innovations with an eye on our customers, our employees and our future. Thus, everyone’s future.

People, Altrex, 2018, RSC

CSR pillar 1: People

An eye for people and the future is the key. We want our employees to feel great. That is why we invest in a safe workplace with plenty of opportunities. Training programmes, an active career and apprenticeship policy, an informal corporate culture, focus on a good balance between work and private life and physical and mental well-being, from and for everyone.

A selection of our vision about People

  • 1 Traineeship

    Every year, we make 40 traineeships available. Thus a solid policy for trainees.

  • 2 Health and safety

    Health and safety at the work floor: we measure and check it periodically.

  • 3 Development

    Every person in Altrex has the opportunity to develop at any level within the organisation.

  • 4 Long-term employability

    We shape our policy around long-term employability. Health and vitality are the spearheads of this policy.

Everyone in Altrex gets the room to develop in his/her area of expertise and also on a personal level."
Tom Romkes
HR Team Leader
Safe Quick 2, Altrex, CSR

CSR pillar 2: Products

Safe, innovative and responsible. These are the starting points for all our products. Safe with the focus on the user and our environment. Innovative in use, quality and material. And responsible by means of a long lifespan, by using as few packaging materials as possible and by recycling as much as possible.

A selection of our vision about Products

  • 1 Laws and requirments

    Our products comply with the applicable standards, laws and requirements; certainly in the area of sustainability.

  • 2 Product innovations

    We provide toolboxes and training for users of our products in order to increase safety at the workplace.

  • 3 Reduce waste

    90% of the products consist of recyclable aluminium. All the packaging is ultimately recycled. Therefore, a circular chain.

The safety of our products is a priority. We constantly develop new, durable products so that the user can work with more ease, but mainly in a safer way."
Maarten Hogervorst
Manager QHSE
production, Altrex, 2018, CSR

CSR pillar 3: Production

It’s all about the processes: cleaner, smarter and more efficient. That’s why we opt for sustainable raw materials and synthetics, for digitalisation that contributes to innovative logistical solutions. And with more than 2,300 solar panels on our factory roof, our energy supply is also a mindful and sustainable choice.

A selection of our vision about Production

  • 1 Digitalisation

    A digitalisation programme has been implemented in various departments. We strive towards processes that are as paper-free as possible.

  • 2 Optimalisation supply chan

    Together with our customers, we optimise the supply chain. That reduces stops, kilometres and emission.

  • 3 Energy

    2304 solar panels supply 550 MWh of electricity annually. We have an on-going programme for sustainability and reduction among our largest energy users.

Sustainable, a conscious choice of Altrex

Sustainability is part of our technical and logistical processes. We consider this in nearly every choice that we make."
Gerko Arends
Manager of Operations
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