NewsApril 13, 2023

Cradle to Cradle®

Altrex is Cradle to Cradle® certified

We are proud to say Altrex is Cradle to Cradle® certified at bronze level for all our professional scaffolding and stairs.

Cradle to Cradle® is the global standard for products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. If a product is Cradle to Cradle® certified, all raw materials and materials used in its production can be reused endlessly, without losing value. In short: all our professional scaffolds and stepladders can be 100% recycled into new ones.

Staying sustainable

Every two years Altrex's certificates are reviewed and assessed by an accredited assessment body. Maintaining the Cradle to Cradle® certificates requires constant sustainability. But of course we don't stop there. At Altrex we strive not only to maintain the current certificates, but also to expand and improve them. In other words, a higher level for even more of our products.

We have listed our Cradle to Cradle® certified products for you below:

Altrex and CSR

Sustainability and CSR

In addition to Cradle to Cradle®, Altrex naturally does even more in terms of sustainable and socially responsible business practices. View all our CSR pillars here:

Read more about Altrex & CSR
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