NewsSeptember 6, 2018

HKL Baumaschinen GmbH opts for innovation

Altrex is taking the next step in its international expansion ambitions. Recently, German rental company HKL Baumaschinen opted to use scaffolding from the Zwolle-based manufacturer. “Altrex now delivers to over 60 countries across the world. Germany is an important country for us in terms of realising international growth. With the addition of HKL, we are taking a major step towards realising our expansion strategy”, says Jan Keizer, Altrex CEO.


Hiring out scaffolding

German HKL Baumaschinen is the largest rental company for construction machinery. With 150 branches in Germany and 15 in Austria and Poland, it is a major player in the rental sector. HKL has opted to rent out the RS TOWER 5 and the MiTOWER rolling towers.

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Innovation is key

The innovative nature of these products was the deciding factor when deciding to work with Altrex. “Innovation is one of Altrex’s core values. Companies are increasingly recognising the value of this in the long term”, adds Jan Keizer.

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