NewsFebruary 7, 2019

Innovate and improve wherever you can

How can our access equipment become increasingly safer, smarter and better? That has everything to do with our Altrex engineers. Take for example Fleur van Heyningen. With her innovative ideas, she knows how to constantly elevate Altrex products to a higher level. What does she actually do? Fleur tells us:

“Innovate and improve our access equipment wherever we can,” Fleur summarises in a clear statement. “I devise new products and optimise existing products. In this sector, this is fun, but also very challenging. I have to deal with lots of norms, legislation and regulations. A change in these can also lead to reviewing products once again and innovating.”

Examining and researching

There are naturally additional reasons for improving our products. Based on her keen eye for ease of use, Fleur always examines and researches how existing products can be made even smarter and more user-friendly. Take for example the red platform hook.

“When I conceived the idea of a hook, I first drew it in 3D CAD to see how it works,” explains Fleur. “This was followed by a process of tests for safety and ease of use. The shape of the hook integrates wind protection and thus we no longer need any separate parts. Furthermore, the hook is provided with the red Altrex colour. That way you see immediately which side of the platform you must first set up. The hooks are now standard parts of the RS TOWER 5, MiTOWER and MiTOWER PLUS.”

Red platform hook
I am always looking for a better, smarter and safer way"
Fleur van Heyningen
Product & Process Development engineer
Engineer Fleur works nowadays on

Fleur works nowadays on...

A new version of the suspension mechanism of the MiTOWER. A square rung including a square ‘coat hanger’ to hang up your setup frames during assembly and dismantling.

Safe-Quick® 2, created through teamwork

Innovation is always done in a team, adds Fleur. Together with her colleague engineers, product managers and people in the workplace, she also develops totally new products, in addition to improving existing ones. For example, the Safe-Quick® 2, a completely new supplement on the Altrex rolling tower assortment. According to Fleur, it is an asset for your rolling tower.

“In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the Safe-Quick® 2 is its ease of use: Because the rails are a single entirety, you construct the rolling tower faster and more pleasantly. Moreover, the staggered claws allow you to connect several scaffolds to each other to create a longer scaffold. In addition, the frames are stackable and take less space during transport. These types of innovations actually originate by thinking about the user. And that’s what you do constantly as an engineer.”

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