NewsDecember 7, 2016

New telescopic ladder series

At Altrex we are always looking for ways to make our products even better. That's why we have given our telescopic ladders a complete makeover. This makes our telescopic ladders safer and even more user-friendly.

New telescopic ladder series

The most important new features:

  • The new ladders are extra safe during retraction. For example, the TL Smart Up Easy has spacers between the rungs. The Active and Pro version features Soft close technology, so that the ladder retracts gradually.
  • A stability bar has been added. So that you are always safe and secure. Moreover, you will comply with EN 131-2, which will come into force in November 2017.
  • All telescopic ladders are now instantly fully automatically retractable, after unlocking.

New telescopic ladder series soft close technology

In addition to technical changes, the name has also undergone a transformation. The telescopic ladder series is now called: TL Smart Up. There are three versions available for both the consumer and the professional: the TL Smart Up Easy, the TL Smart up Active and the TL Smart Up Pro.