NewsMarch 8, 2017

Sustainability: a conscious choice by Altrex

Solar panels on the roof of our factory - total space equals two football fields

If things can be done smarter, then that’s the way we do it. This applies to our products and certainly to the way we work at Altrex. Besides doing it smart, we also do it sustainably. Just like the more than 2,300 solar panels on our roof.

That is quite something; 2,304 solar panels to be precise. They take up a surface of more than 8,000 m2 on the roof or our factory in Zwolle. In collaboration with the Belgian firm, WDP, a supplier of solar panels, this project spells a great step in realizing our sustainable objectives.

With these panels, we generate our own renewable energy and that has many benefits. Obviously, in first instance, it is for the benefit of the environment and our direct surroundings. Moreover, this contributes to the climate objective of the Energy Agreement. This too is something that we in Altrex consider important.

Energie en chiffres

Energy in numbers

So many solar panels means a considerable contribution. What about the numbers? Each of the 2,304 solar panels has a capacity of 265 watt-peak. That amounts to a net total of around 550 MWh of electricity per year. Annually, we use around 1,350 kWh per person. Therefore, the energy that we generate with our installation is equal to the annual consumption by more than 400 people or nearly 200 families.

A conscious choice

“Everyone leaves a CO2 footprint – as individuals and as companies,” says Gerko Arends, operations manager. “At Altrex, we try to keep the emissions during our processes as low as possible. The solar panels on the roof of our factory certainly contribute to that. And the excess energy that we generate we feed back into the regional energy grid.”

Aside for thinking about safety, Altrex also opts for sustainability. Therefore, working with Altrex always means that you’ve made a conscious choice.

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