InterviewFebruary 28, 2017

The new Safe-Quick® 2

Safer and faster at a height

At Altrex, we sometimes say that the future requires innovative solutions. Of course, in reality, it's our customers who ask. After all, as a user, you would know best what you will need today and tomorrow. That is why we always come up with new and improved solutions. Like the even smarter Safe-Quick 2.

The new Safe-Quick® 2 Safer and faster at a height

Safe access equipment doesn't simply fall from the sky. And Henry Dijksma is well aware of that fact. As product manager at Altrex, he himself was and is the cradle of many intelligent access solutions. From his position between the customer, the market and Altrex's own engineers, he sees the needs and what is possible. “The most relevant questions come from practice”, Dijksma explains. “These are often about convenience. If we see that something can be done even smarter, we'll make it work. And that is how we arrived at the Safe-Quick® 2, the most intelligent version of our rolling tower to date.”

The new Safe-Quick® 2

Safe-Quick® 2: one step further

The first Safe-Quick® was launched on the market in 2013. In doing so, we introduced a new, innovative assembly method for rolling towers: thanks to the frames of fixed rails and struts, you, as the user, will be protected all around even before you reach the next platform. With the Safe-Quick® 2, we are taking a step further in safety, and especially in ease of use. That is exactly what the end user would expect from Altrex.

“The new version of the Safe-Quick® has a number of notable changes, or rather additions”, Dijksma continues. “For example, we noticed that there was a desire to make longer scaffolding, in order to link them along a wide façade, for instance. The innovation lies in the new, narrower clamps. This makes it possible to attach multiple scaffolds to each other, without creating a difference in height between platforms. That is practical and, in particular, very safe.”


More comfortable, faster and safer

Another strong point is that the frames are easily stackable. Due to the innovative design of the aluminium tubes and joints, the frames fit together well. This enables you to build a stable and higher stack when you disassemble the rolling tower. An additional advantage is that the system takes up less space during transport. A logistic plus, in other words.

“If I have to decide on the biggest plus, it would be the ease of use”, Dijksma decides. “The Safe-Quick® rolling tower can be assembled more comfortably and faster. This is mainly because the arms form a single unit. So no more loose components that you need to assemble piece by piece. And because there is only one correct way of assembly, you have less chance of doing it wrong. And naturally, the Safe-Quick® 2 also looks nice.”

Maximum ease of use, that is our goal. And we are also miles ahead of new regulations."
Henry Dijksma
Altrex B.V.

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