CustomerFebruary 28, 2017

The single person access solution for Nenko

Altrex can be found everywhere. After all, wherever work is carried out at heights, there is a need for safety. A need for smart, compact solutions. The latter, specifically, was a powerful argument for Olando Cuppers of Nenko BV Nederland to purchase our MiTOWER. But the single person rolling tower has even more advantages for him and his colleagues.

The single person access solution for Nenko

The fact that Altrex access equipment is not only used on construction sites, is nothing new. Yet it is sometimes surprising, all the places where our products are used. Like at Nenko BV. The family company, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, develops and delivers customized play equipment for healthcare. “In our field specifically, the MiTOWER is perfectly useful. Partly because it can be assembled and disassembled so quickly," explains Olando Cuppers, Director at Nenko.

Intelligent, quick and safe

Senses, development and perception play a big role in the products of Nenko.“We supply customised games, tools and apparatus for Snoezel rooms and gyms, among others things”, Cuppers explains.“In doing so, we often work at heights. For example, to mount a projector on a ceiling in one of our interactive gyms or to perform minor maintenance. Before, we often rented scaffolding. These are often large and damaged by use on construction sites. Moreover, you need at least two people to assemble the scaffolding.”

With the MiTOWER, you can take on any job by yourself. A huge gain for us."
Olando Cuppers
Nenko BV

For Cuppers, every reason to look at a lighter and more intelligent solution. Which is how he ended up at Altrex and discovered the MiTOWER. “An average gym is 5.5 meters high. This rolling tower can be assembled to a height of 6 meters in less than 15 minutes. Exactly what we need. The short assembly time is especially important to us. Many gyms are constantly in use. With the MiTOWER, we can perform maintenance within an hour, including the assembly and disassembly of the rolling tower. Quickly between the gym classes. A godsend for us and for our customers.”

The single person climbing solution for Nenko

The quick and convenient assembly and disassembly sometimes even causes amazement among the customers, Cuppers adds with a smile. “When we tell our customers that we will have the maintenance done between classes, they look puzzled. They come see for themselves, that everything is done in no-time. And the MiTOWER also looks very professional. For which we have also received many compliments. It strengthens the image of our company.”


Compact convenience

The transport of the MiTOWER is also a plus point, in Cuppers' opinion. The scaffold materials are lightweight and the loose parts quickly make a mobile trolley. Due to the handy size, it fits through standard doorways and in most vans.

“Although I perform a lot of maintenance myself, I can now send a colleague out on jobs with peace of mind. The MiTOWER really can't be assembled incorrectly, thanks to the clever system and clear instructions that are indicated on the parts. This makes the rolling tower stable and secure. And that's a comforting idea when a colleague is out on a job alone.”

Compact, easy to transport and can be assembled by one person. These are the pluses that were decisive for Nenko BV in choosing the MiTOWER. “And the brand Altrex, that is an added value. We deliver the best quality to our customers, which we ourselves want to work with.”

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