CMT Advanced, welding technology for the future

‘Technology never stands still’. We emphasise this statement at Altrex, since this is certainly true whenever welding is involved. CMT welding has already been the means of making the strongest bonds for us for eleven years now. With the advent of our new welding line, we are taking a step further in this field as well. The future demands CMT Advanced.

CMT Advanced

We are glad to satisfy the demands. Our welding line is ready for the biggest welding challenge with CMT Advanced from Fronius. The innovative technology makes it possible to weld very thin materials and bridge over large splits. In addition, the result is always an optically attractive weld. But what is still to come from CMT Advanced?

Low heat, spatter-free welding

Low heat, spatter-free welding

CMT stands for Cold Metal Transfer. This so-called short circuit arc process is extraordinary due to the manner in which the metal droplets are separated. The droplets are formed from the welding wire whose supply is integrated into the welding torch. The flow may be regulated up to 140 droplets per second.

By pulling the wire back and limiting the flow, colder material is conveyed to the weld pool. A property which makes this welding method specifically suitable for welding thin materials (from 0.3 mm) with minimum heat input. The latter is possible due to the low flow strength with which welding is possible and which gives a practically spatter-free welding seam.

Less time for a more attractive result!

Since this technique is spat-free, hardly any rework is required. Besides the fact that this already says a lot about how fine the end result is, it also means time savings! In this regard, spatter-free welding reduces the quantity of welding smoke and pollution at the workplace. This is of course especially nice for our welding professionals who still play a key role in our welding process regardless of the advent of new technologies.

There is significantly more technology behind CMT Advanced. Our Altrex professionals can tell you all about that. For now, in this blog, we primarily want you to know that every welding job, each bond, is just as strong and reliable. Thanks to the welding technology of the future: CMT Advanced.

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