The new welding line: a solid link in strong collaborations

At Altrex, we see innovations as doors to the future. Our new welding line is such an innovation. It offers new opportunities to produce even better and safer access equipment. And everyone benefits from that. Certainly our cooperation partners. Now take Pop-Up, partner and also scaffolding specialist on the other side of the English Channel.

a solid link in strong collaborations

More possibilities. It was one of the main reasons for us to upgrade our welding line. We want to offer a solution for each question. With the technology we gain with the welding line, customisation is possible up to the highest level. The new welding line also means a next big step ahead for the British Pop-Up, with whom we have already worked with for around five years.

More cooperation, more innovation

More cooperation, more innovation

We have been working with Pop-Up for more than 5 years. The relationship with Pop-Up in the UK began when the company approached us with a specific question to which they themselves had no answer. By combining our knowledge, we achieved solutions together where both Pop-Up and Altrex were able to surprise the market.

The development of the MiTower is one of those successful collaborations. The flexible single person rolling scaffold. Fast to transport, assemble, dismantle and store, as the name indicates, by one person. The arrival of the new welding line brings with it the opportunity of an even more intensive cooperation and more innovative solutions.

Leading with solutions

We are proud of our cooperation with Altrex,” says Nigel Woodger, Managing Director at Pop-Up. “Together, we develop products with which we lead the way in the world of aluminium access equipment. Thanks to the new state of the art Altrex welding line we can offer our customers much more: more capacity, even better quality and shorter delivery times.”

As for Altrex, the new welding line is also a next step in further growth for Pop-Up. It is also a further strengthening of our cooperation and a strong foundation for the development of innovative and smart solutions.

Curious about whom else we work with?

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