Combination ladders

Each Altrex combination ladder is unique due to its design, application and possibilities. There is a specific combination ladder for every job, from DIY to professional. Whether it’s a 3x9, 3x12, 3-part or 2-part combination ladder, you’ll certainly find what you are looking for in our wide range of combination ladders. All our combination ladders have one thing in common: whichever one you choose, you always work safely at heights when using an Altrex.

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Combination ladders

An access solution for every problem

There is a solution for every small or large job – a product made specifically for your problem. The wide range of combination ladders is suitable for any job: from the smallest job at home to the largest project and everything in between.

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Red Step®

Working safely at a glance

Altrex makes safety visible. Using the Red Step®, you see immediately at which maximum height you stand safely and can work without worries.

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