Custom-made production line

Altrex & RAVO: custom-made production line

You've undoubtedly seen them. The cleaning trucks that clean the streets and tidy up the city centres. RAVO Benelux, maker of the compact, cleverly designed trucks, asked us to work with them on a similarly smart solution. Access solutions to streamline the production process, make it safer and lighten the load of the workers. Customisation, in this case. And certainly a challenge. But we love challenges at Altrex.

  • 50 Construction drawings in Solidworks
  • 2.500 kg Total weight
  • 18.000 m Total profile length
A production line full of innovative solutions

A production line full of innovative solutions

Just like every situation, the request from RAVO was unique. There is no standard when it comes to custom-made. In a production line such as this, where every week ten cleaning trucks are constructed in consecutive stages, safety and well thought out access solutions are vital. This was also the conclusion of the Labour inspectorate when he paid a visit on location. Safety could be improved and separate, standard access equipment were being used. It was a definite challenge.

The work on the production line takes place at various heights and next to, on and around the trucks themselves. This requires working bridges, walkways and industrial platforms that connect seamlessly into the production process. Altrex put its mind to the task in order to fulfil the legal regulations and norms, the requirements of RAVO and its employees. Specific and innovative.

The process

  • 1 Cooperation and forward thinking

    The issue was clear. The solution needed in-depth consideration. Together with the people from RAVO. They know better than anyone, the exact requirements of the workplace and the process. And together, you can come up with a genuinely customised solution.

  • 2 Technical drawing

    An Altrex engineer from our Customer Solutions department visited the location to gather information and draw a solution 'in the field'. The result? a clear technical structural drawing.

  • 3 Drawing and calculating

    For the entire process, safety was the primary consideration. We took this into account even during the drawing phase. The strength and stability calculation is carried out in every phase, as standard. In this regard, Altrex is unique within the sector, and we are rightly proud of this.

  • 4 Safety and certainty

    The constructions for RAVO were tested after construction. Because, alongside safety, Altrex also champions certainty. We continue to monitor and collaborate even after assembly. Working with new solutions often also provides new insights. This led to to a genuinely customised solution for RAVO.

A production line full of innovative solutions

Assembly, maintenance and cleaning: an Altrex solution for every stage

A production line with various different process steps requires smart and above-all variable solutions. RAVO is now working more safely and efficiently. On, next to and around every cleaning truck. RAVO and its employees have been working with access equipment from Altrex for some time now. Alongside a more efficient working method, everyone regards the solutions as a valuable addition to the production process and an improvement to safety.

We have noticed that safety awareness with regard to work has improved', says Nelly Raap-Appel, operational support and facility manager for RAVO. 'It is often a topic of conversation on the work floor. Employees work quicker, more easily and move around and lift things a lot less. All in all, this confirms we made the right choice in Altrex."
Nelly Raap-Appel
Operational Support and Facility manager

Real customisation starts when you contact the Altrex specialist

If you have any questions, would like to know more or need advice, please contact us.

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