MiTOWER, the single person access solution

Reach great heights safely and easily

The MiTOWER is the first rolling tower that can be assembled by one person. Strong, Stable and safe, all within a compact solution.

MiTOWER, the single person access solution

Stable, strong and compact: the rolling tower you've been waiting for

A unique innovation created on the basis of user-demand and the requirements of various organisations. The MiTOWER is assembled quickly and safely with just one pair of hands. Thanks to the smart method of assembly, in ten minutes you can be working at heights of up to eight meters. Without any help of a colleague, which is both necessary and obligatory when assembling and disassembling traditional scaffolding.

Unique hanging system

Unique hanging system

This rolling tower system is packed full of innovations that make your work lighter and easier. Two crossbeams in the platforms provide maximum grip and a hanging mechanism means your hands are free when you have to climb during assembly. This makes your work even quicker and safer.

MiTOWER inside handy trolley

The parts are also lightweight and easy to carry. The trolley that is easily assembled from the parts of the MiTOWER itself is also really handy. It can fit through all standard door openings and takes up very little space.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the MiTOWER can be used almost anywhere. The stabilisers use 65% less floor area is used than with traditional single width scaffolding. We've thought of everything.

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MiTOWER. Safely and effectively

Quickly reach great heights with your MiTOWER. Safely and effectively!

Finally, a rolling tower that you can build without help from a colleague. High H&S standards and in line with all of the most stringent laws and regulations. Safe, quick and stable for working at heights.