Buy a Hoop Ladder

Buying an Altrex hoop ladder? Our hoop ladders are unique and ideal for big projects. Obviously, due to the design, the application and possibilities. They have 9 to 36 rungs and everything in between. The Everest hoop ladders are aluminium access ladders with safety cages. Strong, yet maintenance-free. With their deep anti-slip rungs and smoothly finished cage, you access these ladders to comfortably and safely climb to any required height. Use the hoop ladder configurator to configure the hoop ladder that you need. One thing is certain, with Altrex, you always work safely at heights.

Top 2 of the best-selling hoop ladders:

Customised hoop ladder

Getting a customised hoop ladder? We can do that for you! You choose the applications, dimensions and situation and we customise the hoop ladder especially for you.

Compare the various ladders?

Buying an aluminium ladder is not a decision you make lightly; we know that better than anyone else. Still not sure whether you have selected the right ladder? Compare our ladders.