The best of both ladders

The Mounter and the Nevada both have a dirt-resistant black powder coating, the colour of the Professional range. Like all products from this line, they are both suitable for very intensive professional work. What these ladders also share is comfort and safety. The extra wide rungs with anti-slip feet give you more space. The red rung tells you exactly to what height you are safe.

The advantages that make the difference

Both ladders are made of aluminium and thus light in weight. The Mounter is the lightest thanks to the smart I-profiled stiles. The ergonomic Box-profiled shape of the Nevada with the ERGO-GRIP for a sturdy, natural grip.

Mounter I-profile and Nevado ERGO-GRIP

The rungs also differs: the unique D-rung of the Mounter is extra deep (45 mm), thus having the largest anti-slip standing surface. The rungs of the Nevada ladder (41 mm deep) have two round chambers and are extra high. That provides optimal support for your shins.

Mounter D-rung and Nevada two round chambers

Both ladders get their stability from different elements. The Mounter is equipped with a robust stabiliser bar with red feet, while the Nevada is based on bended stiles. Thus you are always standing firmly while you work along a wall or façade. In addition, the extension ladder design make the work light and easy; the Mounter has a useful rope-operated-system, the Nevada pushes you smoothly to greater heights.

Mounter with a robust stabiliser bar and Nevada with bended stiles