• Light in weight, long in reach

    Easy to lift, but reach your desired height? Then choose the Kibo single ladder. This ladder is exceptionally light for its class, but still very robust.

  • Square rung for improved standing comfort

    The rungs of the Kibo single ladder measure 2.8 x 2.8 centimetres and ensure that you can stand comfortably during your work. With the durable nature of the material, these rungs also last for years, even with the most intensive use.

  • Bended beams with extra-wide feet

    The bended beams at the bottom of the ladder provide more stability and make it easy to place your ladder in any desired position. And, with the extra wide feet, the ladder has even more grip, giving you even more contact with the surface you are working on.

  • With the generous rung to rung distance, you reach even further

    The Kibo single ladder has a standard rung to rung distance of 28 centimetres. This generous distance allows you to stand higher and reach further. So every job is a piece of cake!