• Adjustable feet

    Each foot can be adjusted independently. Up to 24cm. The ladder is therefore perfect for use in a stairwell.

  • Smart hinge system

    Having gone through 12,000 cycles, the 3-PIN autolocking® hinge system has been thoroughly tested. Optimum safety and reliability.

  • Multifunctional and telescopic

    The Varitrex Teleprof Flex can easily be changed to another position: A-position or ladder position. Also ideal on uneven floors due to the telescopic mechanism.

  • Stable and secure

    Bended beams and anti-slip feet provide guaranteed stability and security. No matter which position you use.

  • Compact and easy to store

    When folded, the ladder takes up very little space. It will fit into any van.

  • Multiple positions, different heights

    Position the folding ladder in the desired position so that you can reach the height you need to complete your job.

How to: put a folding ladder in various positions