• Operation by using only a cordless drill

    The Shuttle is a modular lift system that can hoist a load of maximum 30 kg using a winch. Turning the cordless drill counter-clockwise, the console is hoisted.

  • Shuttle with a Carrier set

    The Carrier set allows you to hoist all the materials safely and ergonomically to your workplace on a scaffold. The Carrier set is delivered with its own console. Furthermore, the crate carrier also fits onto the console of the Solar panel. The Carrier Set can also be used on the MiTOWER PLUS.

  • Shuttle with a Solar panel

    The Solar panel allows you to safely and quickly hoist one (1) solar panel at a time. When using the Solar panel, the Solar frame has to be installed after the last section is installed.

  • The panel can be rotated 90° using the Solar frame

    That enables you to put the solar panel safely and easily onto the work platform. Flexible for use of either long or short frames.

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