The best in both mobile scaffolds

Both the 4 and the 5 Series of the RS TOWER mobile rolling tower system excel in quality and stability. When it comes to working safely you don't have to choose. The frames of both systems consist of 4 or 7 rungs which are circular robot welded. This provides 25% more strength in the frame. Each platform can carry a load of up to 250 kg. The entire mobile scaffold supports a total weight up to 750 kg.

You can also count on absolute security during the set-up. The optional Safe-Quick® GuardRail protects you all around. Before entering the platform, the fixed railings and braces are already in place. Thanks to this innovation, only loose braces are needed in the lowest section of your rolling tower. So it is safer and faster.

The advantages that make the difference

Your choice depends on your needs. Both rolling scaffold systems are made of aluminium and thus light in weight. The frames of the RS TOWER 4 Series are 1.6 mm thick, with the 5-series, the frames are 2.0 mm. They can also both support equally heavy loads.

RS Tower brace

Working at height requires stability. The RS TOWER 4 is therefore equipped with telescopic adjustable triangular stabilisers. These are stepless telescopic adjustable at the RS TOWER 5. Adjustable wheels ensure that the scaffolding is also stable on an uneven floor. With the 4-series, the adjustability is up to 18 cm, with the 5-series even up to 25 cm.

Adjustable wheels

If you prefer trusted wooden platforms with 1 cross beam, the RS TOWER 4-series will suffice. If you opt for lighter and faster assembly, the Fiber-Deck® platforms with 2 cross beams are a smart option with the RS TOWER 5-series. The innovative wind lock hook makes erecting and dismantling faster and easier. The wind security system is integrated into the unique design.

FiberDeck lightweight platforms

Configuration and combining

The biggest difference lies in the potential for expansion and customisation. If you choose complete then the RS TOWER 4 Series is a good solution. With the Modular Scaffolding system of the 5 Series you choose for a wide range of configuration and combination possibilities, such as an alternative console, walkway or triangle bridge between your scaffolding. With the RS TOWER 5-series, you connect multiple access solutions and virtually everything is possible at any height.

RS TOWER 5: Configuration and combining