What is a Stairway Tower?

A Stairway Tower is a scaffold with integrated stairs. Normally, you climb a rolling tower - on the inside - via the rungs of the assembly frame, but with a stairway tower you can easily climb up via a staircase. The stairs are on the inside of the rolling scaffold, which makes it just as compact as a regular scaffold.

When do you use a stairway tower?

Using a stairway tower is very convenient if you often have to go up and down for your tools or other materials. With regular rolling scaffolds you need both hands to climb, so work materials normally have to be indicated by a colleague. With a stairway tower, you can safely walk all the way to the top with your materials. Easier, faster and moreover, more ergonomic.

How do you build a stairway tower?

Basically, you erect a stairway tower the same as a regular rolling scaffold, only you replace one assembly frame with a walkthrough frame. Place the scaffold wheels in the assembly frames, then connect the frames by placing the horizontal braces. Now you can attach the walkthrough guardrails (or braces), step irons and the temporary platform. Level the section and mount the triangle stabilizers.

Time to go up in height! For a detailed step-by-step instruction of the RS TOWER 53 stairway tower, please consult the manual.

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