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Buying a household stepladder? Altrex household stepladders are the most well-known stepladders in the Netherlands. In general, you will find at least one household stepladder in almost every household, because it is a useful gadget for any chore in the house. Regardless of how high you have to work, a stepladder is the solution…always! The ‘stepping stone’ that you need, from small 2-step stepladders to household stepladders with 8 steps. Manufactured from high-quality aluminium and equipped with handy additions, such as the tool bins on the Double Decker or Lima. Can be folded and unfolded within a few seconds, letting you start working immediately and safely.

Top 3 of the best-selling household stepladders:

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Buying an aluminium stepladder is not a decision you make lightly; we know that better than anyone else. Still not sure whether you have selected the right stepladder? Compare our stepladders.