Tank roller

  • Private use
  • Professional use
  • Mobile and easy to move
  • Strong and reliable

Tank roller. Mobile suspension point for maintenance jobs on a silo or tank

The Altrex Tank roller is an ideal tool for maintaining the exterior of a tank or silo. The Tank roller is easy to install over the roof rail. The construction is mobile and moves easily. With a small suspended platform, you can reach all of the exterior. This makes things more efficient. You'll complete the task in no time.


Top-notch engineering

Maximum strength and stability. Calculated by our engineers, guaranteed by our test lab. That's why Altrex feels like solid ground under your feet.

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Made in Holland

Made in Holland

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70 years innovations on level

70 years innovations on level

The certainty that you work with the best. That's what's involved with every product we develop. Innovations in safety and convenience. Special and specific, for everyone.

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Altrex. Always nearby.

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