Place the ladder on a flat surface. If you have the possibility to place the ladder on a raised surface, that’s even better! That makes the mounting task easier. Remove the ladder from the packaging and slide the ladder upwards by 1 or 2 rungs.

Push the accompanying rings in the couplers of the stabiliser bar. Press the stabiliser bar against the underside of the ladder and slide the couplers into the ladder. Attention: the couplers should be at the inside of the ladder.

Slide the bolt with the ring via the outside through the ladder and the coupler. Tighten the screw manually at both sides of the coupler. Now tighten the screw using an open-end wrench, size 13.

Bolt through the ladder and the coupler

Attach the stabiliser bar to the coupler using the screw that was provided. For this, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. You will find the hole for the screw on the outside of the ladder on the coupler of the stabiliser bar. Your ladder is ready for use and you will stand more firmly when you access it.

Screw through coupler in stabiliser bar