Want to set it up in the A-position? Loosen the fallhook. This safety device ensures that the ladder parts always consist of one entirety. Subsequently, take out the first 2 parts of the combination ladder, slide the ladder slightly upwards and pull the parts towards you, so that the pin bolt slips into the glidehook. Now you can set up the ladder safely in the A-position.

Loosen the fallhook

The next step is to mount the spreading safety strip so that the combination ladder remains standing in the A-position. You will find the spreading safety strip at the side of the 3rd part of the ladder. Loosen the wing bolt at the underside of the spreading safety strip, push the pin of the spreading safety strip into the 2nd part of the ladder and tighten the wing bolt again. You will know that you did this correctly, if the spreading safety strip with a spring snaps into place at the inside of the ladder. Execute this step on both sides of the ladder. The final step is securing the fallhook, preventing the ladder from sliding further outwards.

Secure the spreading safety strip