Access solutions for construction jobs

Looking for a stepladder, ladder or scaffold for a construction job? Altrex has a list of the best access solutions for you. Innovative products specifically manufactured for your construction project.

Popular stepladders for construction jobs

For construction jobs that take more time, you often use a stepladder. The wide treads and the platform ensure a comfortable position. You always stand in a safe and sturdy manner.

Popular ladders for construction jobs

For construction jobs that don't take too much time, you often use a ladder. Height is also a major factor. When you use a ladder, you easily manage to reach very high areas.

Popular scaffolds for construction jobs

Is your construction job at a great height? Then use a scaffold. Most scaffolds can be erected quickly. You also benefit greatly from a scaffold if have a construction job high up that needs more time or if you have to be there often.

Popular suspended platforms

Working at great heights requires the most reliable access solution. The Altrex Modular suspended platform system allows for security at the highest level. Suspended platforms, aluminium roof beams and hoists together offer unprecedented opportunities and most of all the highest level of security.