The shortest lines make the strongest chains

The future requires new solutions. That is why, as an organisation, we focus on smart ideas and effective innovations. With our welding line, we are taking a huge step forward. We are taking the chain into a period of sustained movement. From demand to supply.

Short lines, strong chains

The chain revolves around efficiency and effective communication. Between our smart machines, robots and people. That is the secret of the most efficient supply chain. We thus create continuity and ensure a firm grip on all processes.

Maximum connections

Maximum connections

Our communication within the production process is digital. Linking our ERP system with the right software means that everything and everyone are always connected and up-to-date. From preparation to welding, from finishing to delivery. The focus is the same for every product and every employee knows exactly where the priorities lie.

Producing according to demand

Thanks to the latest technologies, everything we do can be registered. Data on the production process, sales and stock levels are always up-to-date. This enables us to adjust and adapt at a moment’s notice. In addition, it allows our production process to run parallel with demand and need. This means manageable stocks for us and a supply guarantee for you.

The new welding line with its smart robots guarantees perfect products and an optimised supply chain. In every respect, a substantial leap towards the future.