Single straight ladders

Do you want to purchase a single straight ladder? The single straight ladders in the Altrex Pro and Altrex Pro+ product range comply with the EN131, Commodities Act and NEN-2484 and are Dekra certified. That way, you always stand safely at heights. Our single straight ladders guarantee users the highest quality – always and everywhere. Because single straight ladders are true lightweights among all ladders, you easily position the ladder against a fixed object. Find the single straight ladder suitable for you now online.

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Single straight ladders Altrex

An access solution for every problem

There is a solution for every small or large job – a product made specifically for your problem. The wide range of single straight ladders is suitable for any job: from the smallest job at home to the largest project and everything in between.

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Red Step®

Working safely at a glance

Altrex makes safety visible. Using the Red Step®, you see immediately at which maximum height you stand safely and can work without worries.

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