Altrex and Smart Industry: smart processes, the best products

Quality, flexibility and custom-made products. These are the three main pillars of our production process which provide a strong incentive to innovate continuously. In addition, we make optimum use of the technology available to us today. Our new robotic welding line for example, is a perfect example of Smart Industry. The latter being a very conscious choice that Altrex has made.

Altrex and Smart Industry

As you’d expect from the name, with Smart Industry everything revolves around working smart: smart machines and robots in a smart environment with smart people. By making use of the latest technological developments – such as internet and IT applications – we make our production processes more efficient and more flexible. We are improving the quality of our processes and products so that we can respond seamlessly to every request. This means we can customize products down to the smallest detail.

Human and machine

In fact Smart Industry mainly revolves around optimal (digital) communication between human and machine and automated processes. By fully integrating IT into all of Altrex’s processes, the work can be divided intelligently between machines, robots and production staff. That offers great advantages.

Faultless products and processes

Faultless products and processes

In addition to organising our production processes more efficiently, we can also respond to specific requests more easily and quickly, enabling us to customize our products to your needs. Another important fact is that with Smart Industry – our new robotic welding line- we can achieve a faultless process and product. With this new, contemporary work method, we are once again expanding the limits of our capabilities, in terms of both manpower and robots.

Continually at the forefront

Our new robotic welding line brings Smart Industry to the heart of our organisation. That has a direct impact on our quality and flexibility. It also means that we are continually at the forefront of our industry. Furthermore, Smart Industry represents a giant leap forward in all fast-paced technological and digital developments. That is just another way that Altrex is ready for the future. In fact, with our new robotic welding line we’re already there.

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