Watch with us! This is how we built the welding line of the future

The future is here. Our new welding line is a fact! And therefore, Altrex has a piece of tomorrow's technology, today. Where it began with the move of the old robot eighteen months ago, we now have 75 meters of innovation and technical ingenuity, in full motion.

Altrex welding line innovative

Flawless welding, more flexibility and a faultless flow. This is what we had in mind when we decided to renew our welding line, or to be more precise: to completely replace it. After building for one and a half years in three intensive phases, we now have the most flexible and accurate welding line. A process to look back on with pride.

Altrex welding line innovative

Progress at every level

At Altrex, we always look ahead. However, when we realize something as innovative as our new welding line, it definitely deserves looking back. If only because of the great change that has taken place in such a relatively short time. Our new production line provides a clear progress at every level.

As many as six intelligent, high-tech welding robots flawlessly find their way across the 75-meter-long welding line. Controlled by a central system and by themselves, they are able to weld faultlessly and seamlessly, to the hundredth of a millimetre. More quality, more customization and more safety. Which means more Altrex.

The strongest welds

From now on every welding job will be even stronger and more reliable. The robots weld with CMT Advanced by Fronius, an innovative technique that makes it possible to weld very thin materials (from 0.3 mm). This provides the cleanest and strongest weld. We also created a link between the welding line and our ERP system. This enables our planners to determine the sequence of orders, in advance. We are therefore even more capable of responding to the demands and needs of our clients.

Look behind the scenes with us

We can tell you so much more about the many new features. And about what has changed on our production floor in the last year and a half. We have brought these changes into the picture, so that you can see first-hand how Altrex has been building towards the welding line of the future.

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