Working safely and ergonomically at heights


Ergo360: the new standard for working at heights

Safe, innovative and reliable: these are the basic principles for all our products. With the new Ergo360 product range, we offer a line of products that excel in the area of ergonomics. Ergonomic in use with the focus on the user and the environment.

  • 30%
    of all work accidents are related to falling from heights
  • 42%
    of all employees do physically strenuous work
  • 26%
    of all work accidents occur in the industrial and construction sectors

Altrex & STEP Nederland

STEP Nederland specialises in the prevention of physical strain. Together with this specialist in ergonomics, we develop products that ensure health and safety. Ergo360 products are ergonomically tested by STEP Nederland. By combining the experience and knowledge of Altrex and STEP Nederland, we achieve innovative products. For now and for the future.

“Ergonomics is encompassed in our daily lives, but it is a familiar concept mainly in work situations. It originates from the Greek words ‘ergon’ (work) and ‘nomos’ (law). Therefore, we must see to it that we guarantee the health and safety of our employees.”

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