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Alongside great advice, we can also provide useful hints and tips. Hints and tips that mean you'll get the best from your Altrex. And work in an even safer environment. The tips below come from the people at Altrex. From the voice of experience... So make the most of them!

Advice 21 July 2022
Which aluminium ladder is the best for me and my job?

Choosing the best ladder for your work activities is not always easy. There is quite some choice. How do you find the ladder that is best for you?

Inspiration 21 July 2022
The best stepladder for professionals: 4 reasons why you should choose the Taurus.

The best of its kind and the safest and firmest stepladder on the market. You literally see the Taurus stepladders everywhere.

Scaffolds 18 July 2022
What are the components of a rolling tower?

This blog explains all the terms and describes the function of the various rolling tower components. That way you are always up-to-date!

Ladders 18 July 2022
How should you transport your ladder?

There are various ways of transporting ladders. What is the best way for you? And what should you look out for? Read it in our blog.

Advice 18 July 2022
The Altrex RS TOWER 4 or 5 series? What rolling tower system is best for me and my work?

If you work at heights, then you go for safety and quality. That's why you choose Altrex mobile rolling towers. From a

Advice 18 July 2022
What should you take into account when buying a hoop ladder?

A hoop ladder is ideal for accessing a roof. But how do you install one, how much does it cost and what are the available measurements? Check it out!

Inspiration 15 July 2022
Taurus or Falco? Which stepladder is made for me and my work?

Your job requires steps that are both stable and robust. But which stepladder from the comprehensive

Ladders 15 July 2022
How do you extend your ladder?

You reach great heights with a ladder, which is why it is very important to know how to extend the ladder. We tell you all about it in this blog.

Advice 15 July 2022
Mounter or Nevada? Which ladder is made for me and my work?

For every job an Altrex. But which ladder do you choose from such a wide range? We compare two of them side by side

Scaffolds 15 July 2022
How do I position the basic section of a rolling tower?

Positioning the basic section depends on how high you erect the rolling tower. determine whether you want to achieve an even or uneven working height.

Scaffolds 15 July 2022
What is the difference between platform height and working height?

When buying a rolling tower, you hear many terms. What does platform height mean and what exactly is the working height? Our blog explains it all.

Inspiration 15 July 2022
Which aluminium stepladder is the best for you and your job?

Obviously, you want to use to best aluminium stepladder. But what must you consider when choosing a stepladder? We will explain this step by step.

Scaffolds 15 July 2022
How should you transport your rolling tower?

Want to enjoy your rolling tower as long as possible? That's possible! Read this blog to learn the best way to transport your Altrex rolling tower.

Advice 14 July 2022
5 indispensable tips if you regularly use a scaffold for your paint jobs!

Painting or working at heights? We have listed five indispensable tips. This is how you work safely and quickly at heights.

Scaffolds 14 July 2022
How do you build an RS TOWER 34 rolling tower?

The RS TOWER 34 mobile scaffold can be used by everyone. The rolling tower can be built in different modules so you can work at your perfect height.

Scaffolds 14 July 2022
How do you build a MiTOWER Stairs rolling tower on a staircase?

The MiTOWER STAIRS rolling tower is an extension set for the MiTOWER and MiTOWER PLUS. But how do you actually build it?

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