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What should you take into account when buying a hoop ladder?

A hoop ladder is a permanent access ladder, which has nowadays become an integral and inseparable part of safely accessing roofs of buildings, homes and apartments for maintenance work. Hoop ladders can also be used as escape routes, although it is not considered an official escape route. However, in case of emergency, you can leave a building easily and safely via an alternative route. This blog explains everything you need to take into account when buying a hoop ladder.


Hoop ladder standard

When buying a hoop ladder, it is extremely important to know with which standards and regulations you must comply in addition to the certification that the hoop ladder must comply with. All the hoop ladders that Altrex supplies comply with the NEN-EN-ISO-14122-4 standard and also include many options.

Building complexes generally have various escape routes, especially if a building has more than one floor. The law requires an access ladder with a safety cage (hoop) in case of a height distance of more than three metres. For optimum safety, we recommend using a hoop ladder from 2.5 metres. An escape ladder (without hoop) is sufficient for distances of less than 2.5 metres. A building must be evacuated quickly in case of an emergency. Thanks to the rungs of our hoop ladders, which are provided with anti-slip profiles and are also extra deep, you can climb down the ladder safely and with much support.

In case of height distances of ten metres and more, a hoop ladder must have a resting platform every six metres. This is a flat surface surrounded by aluminium on which you can stand. Its purpose is to prevent the risk of falling.

Hoop ladder measurements

The measurements of Altrex hoop ladders depend on the choices you make. We completely customise your hoop ladder. All options, applications and desires are possible. You can also put together your own hoop ladder. With our hoop ladder configurator, you determine the options; at the end, you download the specifications, save the CAD drawing and request an obligation-free quote. After all, you know best how high, wide and deep your hoop ladder should be.

Our durable hoop ladders have many options. For example, you determine whether you want an entry & exit safeguard. It is possible to create side exits so that openings to various floors can be accessed from one hoop ladder. You also have the option of adding a self-closing door at the top of the hoop ladder and a closure or trapdoor at the bottom. The advantage of that is that your hoop ladder will not be accessible to unauthorised persons in such cases.

Every two metres, the hoop ladder is standard secured with wall brackets that are 200 millimetres deep. You can of course choose wall brackets with a different depth, which is often useful when the hoop ladder needs to be installed further away from the façade. The diameter of the hoop is 67 centimetres, big enough to easily climb through.

Installing hoop ladder-1

Installing a hoop ladder

Installing a hoop ladder yourself is a piece of cake, whether you attach the ladder to steel, glass, wood or bricks. This is no problem because our hoop ladders are delivered in preinstalled condition according to your wishes. There are various ways of putting together a hoop ladder, but in general it consists of safeguards, floor fasteners, descending ladder attachments and wall brackets. If you feel uncertain about installing the hoop ladder, our mechanics can take care of installing it for you at your location.

Hoop ladder prices

It is of course important to know the price of the hoop ladder when you're doing your market research. The price greatly depends on the aforementioned variables, such as the measurements and the required applications. Thanks to the durability of Altrex hoop ladders, you know for certain that you can go up and down comfortably and safely. In any case, always determine beforehand what type of hoop ladder is the most suitable for you. You can put together your own hoop ladder in order to determine the price. When you request a quote, you immediately receive a drawing of the hoop ladder, including our recommended retail price.

Customised hoop ladder

With our hoop ladder configurator, we customise your hoop ladder in our factory. If you are dealing with a unique situation but nevertheless want to use an existing ladder, we always offer specific solutions for unique challenges. Our custom-work specialists and customised products will help you reach new heights and make every project possible.


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