Inspiration Scaffolds 19 April 2021

Combination configurations

Each project requires an appropriate solution. The RS TOWER 5 Series Modular Scaffolding System gives you the flexibility you are looking for. The many parts make almost any setup and connection possible. An extension console for full access to a dormer window, or an aluminium stage between two or more sets of rolling towers. You create your own customisation.


Projects have no limits thanks to the many configuration and combination possibilities of the RS TOWER 5 Series. With the large number of components you simply build up the access solution you need. You can also choose some of our default Standard Configurations. Of course, calculated in line with all laws and requirements. This gives you a firm base and you can work safely.


The benefits of the RS TOWER 5 Series

Working with the RS TOWER 5 Series Modular Scaffolding System offers you more benefits in addition to safety and stability. The light-weight parts make a huge difference with regular, heavy steel scaffolding. The possibilities know practically no boundaries due to the light weight aluminium. In addition, mounting and dismantling is a lot faster. Projects are completed faster and your work is a lot simpler. Occupational health and safety wise, that is also exceptionally responsible.

Combination Configurations. Strong and stable

By linking loose parts with Standard Configurations, you create unprecedented solutions. We like to help you think about your Combination Configurations that allow your project to be possible. The required strength and stability calculation you can leave up to us, because we also have skilled specialists.


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