Combination ladders

Altrex combination ladders are unique due to their design and application and also because of their multitude of possibilities. The combination ladders are suitable for any job: from the smallest job at home to the largest project. Altrex combination ladders come in various sizes. Are you looking for a 2-part or a 3-part combination ladder? You’ll find it at Altrex. Discover all the combination ladders now online.

Buy a Combination Ladder

Buying a combination ladder? Every Altrex combination ladder is unique, due to its design, application and possibilities. For any chore, from DIY to professional use, there is a specific combination ladder available. A 3x9, 3x12 or 2x14; every 3-part or 2-part combination ladder in our extensive assortment is certainly what you are looking for. One thing all our combination ladders have in common: regardless which one you choose, with Altrex, you always work safely at heights.

Buying a 3-part ladder

When you buy a 3-part Altrex ladder, you are getting a unique product. This is due to its design, application, but also due to all its various possibilities. The 3-part ladders are suitable for any job and it's easy to position them in A-stand or lean them against a wall. From the smallest chore at home up to big projects. Available in various sizes. Whether you're looking for a 3x9, 3x10 or 3x12, you will find it at Altrex.

Compare the various ladders?

Buying an aluminium ladder is not a decision you make lightly; we know that better than anyone else. Still not sure whether you have selected the right ladder? Compare our ladders.