DIY stepladders to use in and around the house or industrial platform stairs for the professional. Altrex's stepladders offer a solution on every level. That is exactly what you're looking for: the best solution at any height. Single or double sided accessible, a stepladder for construction or industrial use; each stepladder in the Altrex product range is designed for safety and made for you.

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Red Step®

Working safely in the blink of an eye

Altrex highlights safety. With the Red Step, you can always see the height at which you can work safely.

An access solution for every occasion

A suitable solution for every job whether it's small or large. A product made for your task. The range of Altrex products is suitable for the smallest job at home as well as the biggest commercial project. And everything in between.

Buy Aluminium Stepladders

Whether you choose a household stepladder for your home, a double-sided stepladder for a building site or an industrial platform stepladder for a warehouse, buying an Altrex stepladder means choosing for safety at heights. A lightweight Altrex stepladder provides a solution for any level and every step. After all, that is precisely what you are looking for: the best solution for working at heights. Single-sided or double-sided accessible, for paintwork, construction or industrial use; each stepladder is designed for safety and made especially for you.

Professional stepladders

Altrex professional stepladders have top-notch features and are often used by painters, plasterers, pointers, installers and constructors. Suitable for intensive and diverse use and in addition, user-friendly and sturdy. Especially made for professionals who demand more. These high-grade industrial stepladders are available as single-sided or double-sided stepladders. This way, you always have the right stepladder for any job.

Single-sided stepladder

Altrex single-sided stepladders are used in the professional sector. Thanks to a self-releasing hinge system, these stepladders can be placed remarkably easy in a user position and your hands will always stay clean due to its dirt-repelling coating. A special feature of the single-sided stepladders is the two platforms, one above the other, which creates two comfortable and safe workplaces. In addition, the self-locking spread-protection prevents the stepladder from inadvertently collapsing. Moreover, the large anti-slip feet and the enclosed hinges ensure sturdy and stable bearing points. A single-sided stepladder of the highest level.

Top 3 of the best-selling single-sided stepladders:

  • Taurus single-sided stepladder
  • Falco single-sided stepladder
  • Eifel platform stepladder

Double-sided stepladder

The Altrex double-sided stepladder can be used double-sided, which is very useful in case of a large work surface. You move the stepladder only a few times, making it very ergonomic. Furthermore, a double-sided stepladder can be transported easily and compactly due to its supporting bracket, which can be folded and unfolded in no time. These stepladders last for years, thanks to the anodised, high-quality aluminium. An additional advantage is that the newels are dirt-repellent.

The stepladders are remarkably safe to use because the steps are made of tube profiles. The metal self-locking spread-protection prevents the stepladder from inadvertently collapsing and the large anti-slip feet ensure that you always stand firmly and steady. A double-sided stepladder of the highest level.

Top 3 of the best-selling double-sided stepladders:

  • Taurus double-sided stepladder
  • Falco double-sided stepladder
  • Sierra double-sided stepladder

Industrial platform stepladder

Do you have to work in a warehouse? Then it would be wise to buy an industrial platform stepladder or a warehouse stepladder. The advantages of an industrial platform stepladders are the two or four wheels that make it movable and the handy guardrails; useful when you have to work at several places e.g., maintenance of a machine or a production line. You select the angle of inclination, the width and the type of steps and we manufacture it based on your requirements.

Household stepladder

Do you want to buy an Altrex household stepladder? These are probably the most well-known stepladders. You will see them in almost every household and among them the Double Decker household stepladder is the top of the line. Household stepladders have a double step and platform so that you always stand firmly and have extra space to move freely. You will always have one hand free thanks to the tool bin and bucket hook that are attached to the supporting bracket. Altrex household stepladders are prominent for being the user-friendly assistant for all chores in and around the house.

How many steps do I need?

You want to do a job at a certain height, but you are just not tall enough. Using a stepladder, you can reach everything easily. But… before you start to do a job, it is important to know the necessary number of steps and how high you can reach with these steps.

Buying a stepladder with 3 steps lets you reach at least a height of 2.5 metres. If this is not high enough, you could choose a 5-step stepladder. In general, you will reach a height of 3 metre. In most cases, this is sufficiently high for all jobs in the house. The more steps, the higher you reach. In the professional sector, we often see stepladders that can reach even higher. A stepladder with 10 steps will let you reach nearly up to 4.5 metres. Our household stepladders are available with 2 to maximum 8 steps and the professional models have up to 12 steps.

Compare the various stepladders?

Buying an aluminium stepladder is not a decision you make lightly; we know that better than anyone else. Still not sure whether you have selected the right stepladder? Compare our stepladders.