Inspiration Stepladders 15 July 2022

Taurus or Falco? Which stepladder is made for me and my work?

Your job requires steps that are both stable and robust. But which stepladder from the comprehensive Altrex range are most suitable? We compare two of the best: the Taurus and Falco. At first sight, they may both seem ideal for your purposes. The difference lies in the details. We compare the stepladders so that you can make a choice.


The best in both stepladders

The Taurus and the Falco are sturdy and robust and are suitable for intensive, professional use. Large anti-slip feet ensure that the stepladder do not slide out when you stand on them; the side-props at the base offer additional stability. The treads are fixed using pop-rivets. This makes them solid and means they can be replaced whenever necessary. All stepladders from the Taurus and Falco lines are also finished with a dirt-resistant coating.

The Taurus and the Falco are both available in a double and single-sided version. The double version has a unique hinge system which makes the treads easy to fold up. The system also prevents fingers becoming jammed. The single-sided stepladders have a handy tool tray on top of the safety guardrail.


The Falco double-sided and all versions of the Taurus (from 3-treads) come with self-locking spreader protection. This prevents unintentional collapses while you are using the stepladder.

The advantages that make the difference

Both stepladders are made of aluminium and are thus light in weight. The Falco is the lighter of the two. Its treads with a single box profile are extra high, with a curved finish - making them shin-friendly. The treads on the Taurus are made of a robust, double box profile, making the treads the sturdier of the two.


What makes the single-sided Taurus unique is the two platforms that offer improved safety and extra working space. The self-unlocking hinge system on the platforms also means they are easier to use. The same hinging system is used for the Falco. All double-sided versions are fitted with a collapsible safety guardrail. A handy system on the Taurus' guardrail means it is easy to fold in and out; on the Falco, you have to first unscrew the guardrail.


The Taurus is also available as a single-sided warehouse ladder. The extra high safety guardrail offers maximum safety and comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic guardrails and fixed wheels, you can move the stepladder easily and quickly.


Taurus at a glance:

  • Three versions: single-sided, double-sided, warehouse steps
  • Single-sided: two platforms, closed self-unlocking hinging system
  • Double-sided: unique hinge system, collapsible safety guardrail
  • Warehouse stepladder: extra high safety guardrails (85cm), ergonomic guardrails
  • Robust double box profile treads
  • Lightweight: quick to move and transport

Falco at a glance:

  • Two versions: single-sided, double-sided
  • Single-sided self-unlocking hinging system, extra high treads
  • Double-sided: unique hinging system, collapsible safety guardrail
  • Single box profile treads
  • Lightweight: quick to move and transport

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