News 13 November 2023
Renewed partnership Pop Up Products and Altrex BV

Today, we celebrate the renewal of the agreement between Pop Up and Altrex to 2034 and beyond.

Photo PUPL & Altrex
News 13 April 2023
Cradle to Cradle®

We are proud to say Altrex is Cradle to Cradle® certified at bronze level for all our professional scaffolding and stairs.

News 5 September 2022
Altrex at Eisenwarenmesse 2022

This year Altrex will again be participating on the International Hardware Fair in Cologne from Sunday 25th until

Stand Altrex Eisenwarenmesse-1
News 3 March 2022
Altrex invests in the stepladder machine of the future

With the most ingenious machines, Altrex ensures the highest quality products in the market for access equipment.

News 25 October 2021
Changes to the new EN 1004 standard, more safety

With the upcoming changes to the EN 1004, the standard which specifies the requirements for mobile access towers, safety has reached a new level.

News 15 June 2020
Pop Up Products Limited and Altrex BV have agreed a new 10-year partnership

We have agreed about the sales and distribution of mobile access towers, ladders, stepladders and associated access products in the UK and Ireland.

News 21 April 2020
70 years of innovation, safety and responsibility

1950 – The year in which thousands of VW Kevers drove in the Netherlands. it was also the year when our company was established. Discover our story.

Interview 15 February 2019
Unique challenges demand unique solutions

Listening to the needs and wishes of the customer; that’s what our work is about in Altrex.

News 29 January 2019
The next step in working safely and ergonomically

For more than 70 years, Altrex has been designing and manufacturing access equipment that you can rely on.

News 16 January 2019
Altrex is growing internationally and expands its distribution centre

Altrex has begun to expand its distribution centre at the Hessenpoort in Zwolle. The distribution centre will be expanded to 12,000 m2.

News 31 August 2018
HKL Baumaschinen GmbH opts for innovation

German rental company HKL Baumaschinen opted to use scaffolding from Altrex. The innovative nature of these products was the deciding factor.

News 21 August 2018
Boels Rental UK chooses Altrex scaffolding

Boels Rental UK chooses scaffolding material from Altrex. Boels Rental has been using access equipment from Altrex for over 15 years.

News 13 August 2018
Scaffolding update

Updates and innovation are part of what Altrex does. We work every day to make our products even better, easier and safer.

News 23 May 2018
Altrex and Zonneplan

The connection with the customer, that’s our goal. With Zonneplan, the specialist in solar panels, that connection was instantly. Logically, because

Interview 22 May 2018
The path from demand to a new product

Altrex product managers Wouter and Robert about product innovation

News 24 November 2017
Altrex and Boeve: Collaborating on smart solutions

Smart solutions: That is a daily affair at Altrex. Together with Boeve Afbouw, we have developed platforms for plasterers.

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