News 21 August 2018

Boels Rental UK chooses Altrex scaffolding

Boels Rental UK chooses scaffolding material from Altrex. Boels Rental has been using access equipment from Altrex for over 15 years. Recently, the Dutch rental company expanded into the United Kingdom. After an intensive orientation phase, Boels Rental UK decided to use Altrex Safe-Quick® rolling towers.


With their own house-style and logo

Boels Rental is one of the leading rental companies in Europe when it comes to renting machinery, tools, units and catering/event equipment. With over 400 branches, it is a huge player in the sector. Boels Rental has now opened 25 branches in the UK and these have all been equipped with scaffolding material from Altrex. The scaffolding will be supplied in the Boels’ house-style, with their logos and finished in accordance with UK regulations.

Collaboration between Boels Rental and Altrex B.V.

“The collaboration with Boels Rental and Altrex goes back many years. Nevertheless, it's not a given that Boels Rental UK would choose Altrex. So it is fantastic that they have opted for the added value of Altrex”, says Jan Keizer, CEO of Altrex.