Safe-Quick® GuardRail

Safe-Quick® GuardRail: All-round protection, even during assembly

What is in a name: safe and quick. With the Safe-Quick® GuardRail rolling tower, you are properly protected even before you access the platform. Assembling and disassembling has never been so safe.


Safety and security, at every level

Safe-Quick® GuardRail makes safely working at heights accessible to all. This innovative system provides all-round protection. A smart method of assembly ensures that fixed guardrails and supports are always available before you reach the next platform. It's almost impossible to build it incorrectly. Safety at every level - guaranteed.


Working freely on the façade side: all the room you need to move and work.

Alongside safety considerations, the system is also compact. The fact that many individual diagonal- and horizontal braces have been replaced means there are fewer parts. So building and dismantling become much easier. Another huge advantage is that you can work freely on the façade side with the Safe-Quick® GuardRail. You don't need any standard braces as long as the scaffolding is a maximum of 15 cm from the façade. The perfect solution for painters and façade cleaners.

The Safe-Quick® GuardRail rolling tower fulfils the most stringent national and European legislation and regulations. All Altrex scaffolds are also provided with strength and stability calculations in accordance with the EN 1004 standard.

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The smart access solution which offers infinite possibilities

The Safe-Quick® GuardRail system is available for the RS TOWER 4 and 5-series. Making sure the best solution is always close to hand.

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