News 25 October 2021

Changes to the new EN 1004 standard, more safety

If you are using Altrex access equipment than you know that you are using equipment of a superior quality, which meets the safety standards and is easy and comfortable in use. With the upcoming changes to the EN 1004, the standard which specifies the requirements for mobile access towers, safety has reached a new level. The upgraded standard will now also have an effect for mobile access & working towers below 2.5m platform height, where the current standard is only applicable for towers greater than 2,5m platform height. But there are more changes, so it's time to update you on the upcoming changes which will improve safety while erecting and using mobile access & working towers.

We supply what you need for this upgrade: reliable and safe access equipment, as you can expect from Altrex. For the new version of the EN 1004 standard, Altrex has developed smart upgrades to the existing components as well as additional components to meet the newest standard. The additional components are mainly applicable for the folding towers (small mobile access & working towers), as these will be included in the scope of the EN 1004.


Changes to the new EN 1004 standard

The new version of the EN1004 standard has consequences for the manufacturer, but there are also changes for the user of these products. The most important change concerns the distances between platform levels. The distance from the ground to the first platform used to be 4.60m but will be changed to 3.40m maximum. The maximum distance between the platforms levels will be 2.25m, instead of 4.20m.

Furthermore, the new standard will apply to all mobile access & working towers, including towers that are below 2.50m platform height. Therefore, the use of stabilisers and guardrails will now also be applicable for the smaller mobile access & working towers, like for example folding towers.

The soon to be published EN1004-2 standard (currently EN1298) will describe what needs to be included in the assembly- and user instructions. It will also describes the allowed assembly methods. It is not allowed to stand on the platform before guardrails are present. That means that the 3T (through the trapdoor) assembly method is the minimum safety level.

What does this mean for you?

Are you already using the Safe-Quick® advanced guardrail system, then there won’t change a lot except for adding an extra platform level in certain tower configurations to reduce the distance between ground and the first platform level to 3.40m or less.

Are you using mobile access & access towers, assembled by using horizontal and diagonal braces, then the new standard will have a bigger effect. Consult your designated account manager to discuss the possible effect and how to convert your tower to meet the newest standard.

Are you using Altrex folding towers, then you can easily get your tower up-to-date by adding a single horizontal (guardrail) brace and a set of four mini stabilisers.

Do you have plans to buy new mobile access and / or folding towers then you can be assured that Altrex mobile access & working tower configurations will be equipped with the necessary upgrades to meet the newest standard.

en 1004 platform steiger-1

Upgrade your and each other's safety

Please note that you may continue to use any existing Altrex mobile access & working towers that have been purchased before the new standard becomes effective as long as they comply with the EN 1004:2004 and are still in suitable condition. For your customers safety, Altrex recommends to upgrade their mobile access tower to the latest EN 1004 standard as working safely and responsibly at heights is always your and our standard.

Want to know more about all the changes or would you like advice on how to easily upgrade your Altrex mobile access & working tower to comply with the newest standard, than please do not hesitate to contact us as we are there to help you taking the next step in terms of safety.

Video of the changes to the new EN 1004 standard