Boels Rental

Seamless customisation

Altrex and Boels Rental: great customisation via seamless collaboration

The smartest access solutions created out of expertise, experience and a valuable collaboration. Such as with our partner companies. Our collaboration with Boels Rental is perhaps the longest-running of them all. It is also very special. Because alongside sharing expertise and trust, we also both have the passion and drive to always come up with a suitable solution. What better way to illustrate an effective collaboration than a project that says it all?

  • 13
    metre high façades and scaffolding
  • 3
    lorries full of scaffolding
  • 1500 m²
    assembled in 1 day

Scaffolding up to the ridge: seamless customisation

If we're talking exceptional customisation and impressive combination configurations, then we must be talking about a unique project in Enschede. Medisch Spectrum Twente is building a new hospital and asked Boels Rental to provide the necessary scaffolding. Three self-supporting complexes were created within the atrium. In other words, buildings within a building. The job: install scaffolding with platforms so that the façades, each measuring 13 x 13 x 10 metres, could be covered. A challenging request.

And one which required customisation. Standard steel components were not the solution for scaffolding of this size. The weight would be too much for the floor and the construction workers. The latter would not have been responsible in terms of health and safety. There was another huge challenge too: how do you get to such a great height? For Jan van Bruggen, area manager for Boels Bouwplaatsinrichting, this was a good reason to contact Altrex.

A particular challenge was the additional requirement to install scaffolding to the atrium ridge, which was 18 metres high, and also install scaffolding on the outside of the atrium for the façade steps that had to be built. The answer lay in the aluminium scaffolding from the RS TOWER 5 series. It is lightweight and can be configured and expanded to create unique combinations. It can also be supplied quickly. Even to cover the scope of this enormous task. Once again, it is clear: customisation knows now boundaries.

The process

  1. Coming up with solutions together

    Thanks to the long-term collaboration, the requirements were quickly fathomed. The experience of Boels Rental, the expertise of Altrex and the companies' collective vision quickly made it clear that the answer was an all-in, customised solution; a combination configuration of scaffolding from the RS TOWER 5 series.

  2. Drawing and calculating

    Safety is always central. Particularly with this project which goes much further than the usual. A strength and stability calculation in line with the norm for façade scaffolding EN 12811 provided assurance that the scaffolding would be sturdy and sufficiently reliable. Even to a height of 18 metres.

  3. High demand, high supply

    Hundreds of metres of scaffolding frames, platforms for 1500 m² of façade, three lorries filled with reliable Altrex materials. All supplied exactly as and when required. From stock. That is just one of the reasons that Boels Rental has used Altrex for so many years.

  4. Safety and certainty

    During construction, the scaffolding was checked on location. Because, alongside safety, we also champion certainty.


Knowing how it will work out before the question is even asked

The collaboration between Boels Rental and Altrex goes back many years. Nowadays, just one word is enough for either party to come up with a suitable solution.

“It's all about trust', according to Jan van Bruggen, 'After many years of collaboration, I know that it will be fine if I have a question or am facing a challenge. As soon as I've made the call, I know that people are working on a solution I can offer to my customer. Sometimes, I ask a question that leads to new innovations for Altrex. That is how we keep one another on our toes.”
Jan van Bruggen
Areamanager Boels Bouwplaatsinrichting

Real custom work starts with contacting the Altrex specialist

Are you also facing a challenge? Our engineers will be pleased to help you on your way to the best solution.