Triangle bridges

The modular triangle bridges consist of various components that are easily assembled into a complete work bridge. The triangle bridge is easily, quickly and versatilely deployable for painters and plumbers or in façade renovation companies. In addition, the modular triangle bridge (MTB) is extremely suitable for installing solar panels. You erect the MTB using the lightweight uprights or you place it between two scaffolds. You can also transport the components easily and compactly, because the open V-shape makes the trusses easy to stack. Find your modular triangle bridge now online.

Buy a Modular Triangle Bridge

The modular triangle bridge (MTB) is equipped with uniquely designed trusses, available in versions of 2, 3 and 4 metres. Combining these gives you the option of various lengths. Easy, fast and versatile to be deployed by painters, plumbers or façade renovation companies.

Developed especially to achieve ergonomic benefits. The construction is done completely on the ground and a hand winch is used to raise it to the desired height. The unique V-shape of the trusses makes them stackable. The lightweight aluminium triangle bridge upright is standard equipped with spacers (25/50 cm). It is easy to move by one person and has multiple applications; using loose uprights, between rolling towers, using a continuous-work system and as roof edge protection for sloping or flat roofs.

Connecting a rolling tower with a triangle bridge

  • The triangle bridge can be used in the RS TOWER 5 series modular rolling-tower system in combination with walkthrough frames (wide and narrow);
  • Maximum span between the 2 rolling towers is 12 metres.

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