News 3 March 2022

Altrex invests in the stepladder machine of the future

Working safely at heights also requires production at the highest level. With the most ingenious machines, Altrex ensures the highest quality products in the market for access equipment. With the development of a brand new custom-made stepladder machine, Altrex has once again invested in high-tech. This state of the art technology enables us not only to guarantee, but also to improve the constant quality and accuracy.


Custom-made: unique in the access equipment industry

When working on a (professional) stepladder, you always expect the highest quality. Working at height without concern, that is the basis. To achieve this for the consumer and end-user of the stepladders, Altrex sets high standards in the design and development of its (stepladder) machines. Based on a long list of requirements, Rodomach B.V. has customised the stepladder machine for ultimate efficiency. This means that Altrex has the technology of tomorrow available today.

Smooth and seamless: 120 rivets per minute

The aim is always to produce as quickly as possible. However, speed is always secondary to maintaining the high level of quality. With the installation of 120 rivets per minute by the stepladder machine, Altrex has taken another step forward in both speed and accuracy. The machine is controlled by the ERP system. This enables Altrex to match customer demand and needs to production even better.


Quality & precision, to the millimetre

Important parameters were a high production accuracy, the reproducibility and the ability to control the process. For Altrex, it is of utmost importance to produce the stepladders in one and the same way, namely qualitatively and faultlessly.

The machine also ensures minimal strain on the operator's body. The fact that Altrex sets great store by ergonomics has already been proven with the Ergo360 concept.

Customer comes first

With this stepladder machine, the Zwolle-based manufacturer of access equipment, which is keen on innovation, achieves high-quality products, fast delivery and consistently high precision. In combination with the improvement of the working conditions for the production staff, they take another step into the future of access equipment. And, with the technology of tomorrow.

The stepladder machine of the future is at Altrex