News 13 November 2023

Pop Up Products Limited & Altrex BV until 2034 and beyond

In 2020 Pop Up Products and Altrex signed a ground-breaking Partnership Agreement for the sales and distribution of mobile access towers, ladders, stepladders and associated access products in the UK and Ireland, also agreeing on a Worldwide Intellectual Property (IP) partnership. Over the past 4 years the partnership has gone from strength to strength, we have therefore decided to extend the Agreement to 2034 and beyond.

Photo PUPL & Altrex

Since the partnership came into existence in 2009, both companies have been able to celebrate many successes together, such as developing the world's first one-person erect tower range and delivering more than 1,100,000 tower components in the UK & Ireland market. By combining our knowledge, we found – and are still finding - solutions that may rightfully be called quality products.

The facts about the partnership of Pop Up Products Limited and Altrex BV:

  • We have worked together since 2009.
  • We have jointly developed the world’s first one-person erect tower range (MiTOWER, MiTOWER PLUS & MiTOWER STAIRS).
  • Delivered >14,500 MI TOWER (+) units into the UK & Ireland market (the most successful tower production launch ever!).
  • Introduced the latest generation EIGER500 & EIGER250.
  • Delivered >1,100,000 tower components into the UK & Ireland market.
  • Made joint investments in industry leading tooling & innovation projects.

“We have worked with Altrex since 2009, to find a partner like Altrex and to work with such a dedicated and professional team is fantastic. Our goals and values are completely aligned, this is demonstrated through our success in developing products, developing new markets and above all serving our customers, we are as one!” Nigel Woodger (Pop Up Products Limited, CEO) said.

“On behalf of Pop Up Products, I thank Altrex for the last 14 years and now look forward to the next 10 years of our special partnership”
Nigel Woodget
CEO Pop Up Products Limited

“The partnership with Pop Up Products Limited is unique, reliable and one of its kind due to the joint competencies and creativity where the beliefs of both organisations come together. The distinctive combination that is created enables the customers as well as the end-users to have access to "the best solutions" when it comes to sustainability, ergonomics, user-friendliness and last but not least, safety,” Eugène Derksen (Altrex BV, CEO) continues.

“I also trust that our companies will continue to work together for the next 10 years, like in the past 14 years and that this remains to feel ‘natural’, because the relationship has arisen from mutual added value which results in strengthening each other. Fortunately I still recognize this every day!”