Altrex hangbrug Vrienden van Amstel Live

Vrienden van Amstel Live

Spectacle at height

Collaboration Altrex – Vrienden van Amstel Live Spectacle at height, top-class collaboration

When ‘Vrienden van Amstel Live' come knocking on your door, you know that something special is about to happen. And, in this case, it was as spectacular as it was challenging. The producers of the musical extravaganza in Sportpaleis Ahoy wanted to enable the artists to get close to the audience. To perform at great height, to the dress circle in fact. But how? By incorporating an Altrex suspended platform into the show. An additional challenge? The construction had to be provided in a very short time frame.

  • 280
    metres of linked platform length
  • 45
    suspension points
  • 15
    metres in height
Guus Meeuwis op hangbrug Altrex

A safe stage in the air

As we mentioned, this was a monstrous challenge. How do you get an artist up to the dress circle of such a huge venue? How can you enable him or her to wander around the entire arena, at a height of 15 metres, in front of thousands of fans? And don't forget, how do you guarantee safety? This type of challenge is music to the ears of the Altrex specialists.

The solution comprised a combination of an existing Altrex innovation and 100% customisation. The Altrex Modular Suspended platform system (MHB) formed the starting point and provided a great foundation. The system has proven itself time and again in terms of stability, flexibility and safety. The suspended platform construction comprised four separate parts that together create a 280-metre 'stage in the air', immediately in front of the highest seats.

The entire construction was secured to the 30-metre high ceiling with 45 specially designed suspension points and linked with custom-made corner sections and connectors. The lift that took Guus Meeuwis (artist) safely to a height of 15 metres was also designed specifically for the show. Meeuwis was therefore the first artist to look directly into the eyes of the fans in the dress circle.


  1. From demand to solution

    The requirement was as clear as it was enormous. The solution was obvious but would we be able to realise it in close collaboration with the producers of Amstel Live? They were familiar with the location and we had our specialist knowledge so together, we came up with a customised design. Design, engineering and execution were the next steps.

  2. Drawing and calculating

    In collaboration with producers and the architects for the location, the engineers of Altrex set to work on designing a construction and guaranteeing stability. A precise construction plan and a strength and stability calculation guaranteed the structure. The customised system thus fulfilled all of the necessary legislation and regulations.

  3. Safety and certainty

    A specific and vital requirement was, of course, the guaranteed stability of the construction. Guus (artist) was able to move freely, jump around and even dance on the suspended platforms. The artist, audience and organiser were able to rely on the safety of the construction. A reassuring notion, particularly for those under the suspended platforms.

Amstel live hangbrug

Dress circle, top-class

The production company for Vrienden van Amstel Live can look back on a memorable event. The access solution was an eye-catching addition to the overall show and particularly in terms of the experience of those in the dress circle, who actually ended up with 'first-row seats' for some of the show on all seven evenings.

“Collaboration and good preparation led to a spectacular and safe solution. For both the artist and the visitors. The suspended platform construction was built quickly and easily by the Altrex builders. It was exceptional in every respect.”
Tammo van Brakel
Managing director Sightline Productions

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