From standard to special. For every job and every project, you will find the right Altrex scaffold. Lightweight and super strong aluminium. The many components within the wide product range ensure unprecedented possibilities. You create your own customisation. A double width rolling tower or modular triangle bridge, a single width folding tower or an extension console. Here you will find the solution.


An access solution for every occasion

A suitable solution for every job whether it's small or large. A product made for your task. The range of Altrex products is suitable for the smallest job at home as well as the biggest commercial project. And everything in between.

Fiber-Deck® platform

Lightweight, heavy-duty quality

The solution to making light-work of your jobs. Solid, lightweight platforms. Designed with your comfort in mind.

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Which rolling tower is best for you and your job?

A rolling tower can be a major expense; we do understand. That is why we have collected all the important aspects for purchasing a rolling tower.

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What are the components of a rolling tower?

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What is the difference between platform height and working height?

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Scaffolds 15 July 2022
How do I position the basic section of a rolling tower?

Positioning the basic section depends on how high you erect the rolling tower. determine whether you want to achieve an even or uneven working height.

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How should you transport your rolling tower?

Want to enjoy your rolling tower as long as possible? That's possible! Read this blog to learn the best way to transport your Altrex rolling tower.

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5 indispensable tips if you regularly use a scaffold for your paint jobs!

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How do you build an RS TOWER 34 rolling tower?

The RS TOWER 34 mobile scaffold can be used by everyone. The rolling tower can be built in different modules so you can work at your perfect height.

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How do you build a MiTOWER Stairs rolling tower on a staircase?

The MiTOWER STAIRS rolling tower is an extension set for the MiTOWER and MiTOWER PLUS. But how do you actually build it?


Frequently asked questions

  • Both the RS TOWER 4 and 5-series include scaffolds for professional use. Would you like to know more about the similarities and differences? We have made a comparison of our scaffolds.

Aluminium scaffold

Buying a scaffold is major expense; we know that all too well in Altrex. That's why we want to list all the important aspects before you purchase a scaffold. That will make you well informed and you will buy the right aluminium scaffold for your chore.

Altrex scaffolds are produced in our own factory in the Netherlands, thus ensuring that they are made from durable and high-quality aluminium. In our 75-metre long welding line, nearly all the scaffold parts are accurately and seamlessly welded millimetre by millimetre, even the thinnest materials.

The rungs with anti-slip material welded all around and fixed locking pins make the frames super-strong and 100% reliable. With the Safe-Quick® version, you always have all-round protection and you always stand safely in compliance.

Buying a rolling tower

The extensive selection of Altrex rolling towers is suitable for the smallest home job and up to the biggest projects, and everything in between. A rolling tower that perfectly meets your requirements. Lightweight and easy to move. For years, you will enjoy an Altrex rolling tower. In addition, the Altrex rolling towers comply with the applicable safety norms and requirements.

The advantages of an Altrex rolling tower:

  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Tested, approved and certified: maximum certainty
  • Suitable for intensive use

Wide or narrow aluminium scaffold

You decide whether you need a wide (1.35 metre) or narrow scaffold (0.75 or 0.90 metre). The wider scaffold has two platforms along each other, giving you a larger working surface. This is very useful if you work for a long time in the same place. A narrow scaffold has only one platform on every level, which makes it suitable when you have little space to work in.

Top 3 of the best-selling aluminium scaffold:

  • RS TOWER 52 double width
  • RS TOWER 51 narrow
  • MiTOWER 1-person

Which platforms should you choose?

Based on the length of the platforms, you can determine the width of the scaffold. You can actually make this as large or small as you wish. Our platforms are available in sizes of 1.85 metre, 2.45 metres and 3.05 metres. If you opt for a scaffold from the RS TOWER 4 series, then you can choose lengths of 1.85 metre and 2.45 metres.

The material of the platform is also extremely important. The choice consists of wooden platforms or Fiber-Deck® platforms. Wood is cheaper than Fiber-Deck®. In comparison, Fiber-Deck® is 30% lighter, super-strong and indestructible. If you regularly assemble and disassemble a scaffold, you can certainly envision the positive effect of this version on your body. The maximum load per platform is 250 kilos.

How high should I build my scaffold?

Perhaps the most important factor is determining your working height. This of course is related to the height that you have to reach. The working height is equal to the platform height of a scaffold plus 2 metres, but that also depends on your own height. The taller you are, the higher the working height.

The maximum working height of a narrow scaffold is 10.2 metres, both indoors and outdoors. You can install a wide scaffold indoors up to a height of 14.2 metres. The platform heights are therefore 8.2 metres and 12.2 metres respectively.

Scaffold with guardrails

Altrex scaffold are fully equipped with Safe-Quick® guardrails and no longer contain the traditional diagonal braces. You comply with the latest construction method and moreover, you can connect several scaffolds to each other using Safe-Quick®.

All the advantages of Safe-Quick®

  • Fewer components, faster construction
  • Endlessly connecting by staggered claws
  • 75% less lifting motions
  • Can be constructed free-standing from the façade
  • Easy to stack
  • Complies with mandatory construction method

Configure your own scaffold

Have you made your choice? Awesome! If you're still not 100% sure, then put together your own scaffold using the Altrex scaffold configurator. In three steps, find the scaffold that works best for your needs. Furthermore, you can always request an obligation-free demonstration. Experience for yourself all the advantages and we will tell everything about the Safe-Quick® guardrails and Fiber-Deck® platforms.

  • Configure it yourself
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