Advice 8 July 2022

Which rolling tower is best for you and your job?

A rolling tower can be a major expense; we at Altrex understand that. That is why we have collected all the important aspects for purchasing a rolling tower for you. That way you are well informed and can buy the right rolling tower for your job.


Step 1: Which rolling tower should you choose?

The first choice you need to make is the rolling tower series. Altrex offers three different series for professional use: the RS TOWER 4, the RS TOWER 5 and the MiTOWER. With most rolling towers, it is mandatory to assemble them with several people; only the MiTOWER and the MiTOWER PLUS are exceptions to this rule.


What is the difference between a RS TOWER 4 and RS TOWER 5?

You obviously want to make the right choice from such a large and extensive collection. Both the RS TOWER 4 and the RS TOWER 5 rolling tower systems excel in quality and stability. The main difference has to do with extension and customisable options. If you are looking for a final and ready product, then the RS TOWER 4 is a good solution. When you go for the Modular Scaffolding System of the RS TOWER 5, you are choosing a large range of combination options, such as adding an extension console, walkway or triangle bridge between or to your rolling tower.

Step 2: Do you need a double-width or single-width tower?

Now determine whether you need a double-width (1.35m) or single-width (0.75m) tower. A single-width tower has one platform. In a double-width tower you can install two platforms.

Step 3: Type of tower

Now choose the type of tower that is best or your job. There are three types of towers: the stairway tower, the rolling tower and the folding tower. The stairway tower is useful when you go up and down the tower a lot. A rolling tower is easy to move and the folding tower is foldable and therefore compact and easy to transport.

Questions about your tower?

We are happy to answer them! You can always contact us for questions.

Step 4: Which tower platform length do you need?

When the tower starts to take shape, it is important to determine the length of the platforms. For the RS TOWER 5 rolling tower you can choose between 1.85m, 2.45m and 3.05m. For the RS TOWER 4 rolling tower you can choose between 1.85m and 2.45m.

Step 5: What type of material do you need for your tower platform?

The material of the platform is also important. The choices of platform material consist of a wooden platform or a Fiber-Deck®. The wooden platform is cheaper than the Fiber-Deck®, but a Fiber-Deck® is 30% lighter.

Step 6: At which height will you work with your tower?

The working height is also an important factor. It is best to calculate the height at which you carry out work in metres. You calculate the working height of the tower by adding 2 metres to the height of the platform.

Step 7: Do you want to buy a tower with Safe-Quick® or with braces?

The last step is to choose the desired assembly method: Safe-Quick® or the traditional method. The traditional method uses braces in the entire rolling tower, which is the cheaper option. Safe-Quick® is faster and safer than the traditional method and you are always protected all around. The Safe-Quick® has fewer components than the traditional method and it is also faster to assemble.


Put together your own tower

After making the above decisions, you know which rolling tower is best for you and your work activities. You can also walk through these steps online; Altrex has developed the rolling tower configurator specifically for this purpose. The configurator shows you which rolling tower is best for you in just three steps. You will have your ideal rolling tower in just a few minutes.


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