Folding ladders

Altrex folding ladders are multifunctional. You place them in the A position, the ladder position, the platform position or in the wall-spacing position; always the perfect ladder for your task. Altrex folding ladders are suitable for the do-it-yourselfer, but are also very practical for a nifty handyman. For example, take the Varitrex Plus folding ladder for tasks in and around the house and the Varitrex Prof for professional use. You are always standing in a safe, sturdy and steady manner when you use Altrex folding ladders. Find your folding ladder now online.

Buy Folding Ladder

Buying a folding ladder? Choose an Altrex. A telescopic folding ladder has multifunctional uses. Position it in the ladder, scaffold or A position or use it as a wall spacer. Whichever job you do, you can reach anywhere using a 4-section Altrex ladder. Another big advantage is that the ladder sections can be adjusted separately from each other. That way, you can also work safely using a folding ladder that stands on a stairway. With some folding ladders, it is possible to adjust the height of the feet, so that standing on a spiral staircase is no problem.

Top 3 of the best-selling folding ladders:

  • Varitrex Prof folding ladder
  • Black Pro Leveler folding ladder
  • Varitrex Plus folding ladder

Working safely

An Altrex professional folding ladder always complies with the Dutch Commodities Act and EN-131, has the NEN 2484 hallmark, and is extremely suitable for intensive use. Also the folding ladders, which were especially developed for the private consumer, comply with Dutch Commodities Act and EN-131. You work carefree at heights, even in case of the most intensive work activities. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the folding ladder easily fits into any van and can be easily moved due to its light weight.

Compare the various ladders?

Buying an aluminium ladder is not a decision you make lightly; we know that better than anyone else. Still not sure whether you have selected the right ladder? Compare our ladders!